Floor Cleaning Service

With our Floor Cleaning Service, Your Juba Superior housekeeping team will keep your floors properly cleaned, typically sweeping up dust and cleaning all visible dirt, and making your floors shine on each visit as part of your Personal Cleaning Plan.


High Dusting Service

Our High Dusting Service is an addon to the Light Dusting Service (also known as Low Dusting Service) that takes place on every housekeeping visit emoves the build-up of dirt, bacteria, and dust from hard-to-reach spots.


Specialized Window Care

Our specialized Window Care team uses a safe, special-cleaning solution, along with advanced equipment and expert techniques to create and maintain a streak-free shine between visits.

" We believe in great details, and we believe in people who keep that in mind. "

Our Vision

We strive to give excellent housekeeping service

After many years experience as cleaners we had a vision of an exclusive service provider with small, highly professional cleaners providing Juba Superior services to a small number of Juba residents.

With the skill and the drive, we built the company to match that vision, providing exceptional services for more than a decade.

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Privacy and Safety

Your privacy and Safety are Essential!

We select our staff from the very best available, teach them that our clients’ privacy and security are paramount during their Juba Superior training and remind them regularly. Their discretion is an essential component of their continued employment as it is essential to your trust in us.

Many companies will highlight satisfied customers on their websites and promotions. We do not. Part of our discretion includes not using your name or likeness to promote our business.

Like with any other aspect of the service we provide to you, we will accommodate any reasonable request to increase your privacy and safety. Please let us know if you have any specific requests.

Juba Superior is bonded and insured for your protection.

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Our Residential Housekeeping Service with Concierge Cleaning is far more than just a luxury home cleaning service. It is a comprehensive personalized service that takes care of every home care need that you can think of.

Our attention to detail and commitment to exceeding expectations sets us apart from other companies in this industry. Contact us today to arrange for a no-obligation consultation.

Juba Superior as well specialises in commercial cleaning services for large offices. Since our inception, we have been the number one choice for commercial office cleaning by many of Juba’s top companies.

With our own offices in the heart of Juba city, we provide quality and flexible office cleaning services to companies in Juba – always fitting in around their fast-paced schedules and demanding work environments.

Juba Superior provides professional gardening services that save you time. You don’t have to worry about finding the time to keep your gardens free of weeds or manicured the way they should be.

Let our trained professionals take on your garden maintenance; including weeding, cultivating, and edging your flowerbeds to make sure your property looks its best. Properly maintained gardens and plants will be healthier and you will enjoy more colourful blooms all season long.